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How It Works

We have tried to keep the Online Holy Quran Reading process as simple as possible to provide comfortable learning environment, so our students don't have to bother about anything and just concentrate on Learning Quran Online. You just need a computer with internet connection and communication software (Skype). This is one of our preferred ways, but any other convenient way can be arranged if there are any issues, like a telephonic lesson can be arranged.

We use the latest communication software for The Online Holy Quran learning to establish a link between the students and our Tutors. The software setting is very easy, if still there are problems, our Computer Engineers can help you FREE of charge to set it up for you. These are the steps to start learning The Holy Quran Online with us.

1. Complete the Registration Form.
2. We will be in touch with you to discuss your time schedule and course.
3. Install Skype and Team Viewer on computer
(we will help you).
4. Now you are ready to start learning Quran.

Learn Quran with Skype


Register Free for online Quran Education

Please Contact Us if you are facing any difficulties at any stage of these steps. Our Web Engineers will help you to set up everything for you free of charge.

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