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Dua For Entering Home, Leaving Home

In this article you will learn about the dua for entering home and dua for leaving home, these two are very important duas which all of us should learn. We will go over short authentic duas in this article which are simple to remember. We should try our best to adopt these habits in the future. These duas are based on the sunnah and hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) with given reference.


Dua Entering House in English Urdu

When you enter your house and mention Allahís name as youíre entering or eating your food, that automatically means there will be no food for satan in your home. Still, when you donít mention the name, satan not just stays in your home but also eats your meal and stays there all night.

dua for entering home

Dua Leaving House in English Urdu

As Prophet Muhammad PBUH says in a hadith that when a man steps out of his house and recites the dua for leaving home, there is no power except Allah to harm him in any way. The devil goes far away for him, and that person is always guided and protected.

Dua Before Leaving House in English Urdu

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