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Dua for Taraweeh - What is Taraweeh Dua - Taraweeh Ki Dua


Taraweeh is the special Prayer in Ramadan. Muslims recites the Holy Quran in Taraweeh, the prayer Taraweeh has 20 rakats of 2 each. in between the Taraweeh Muslims pray this Taraweeh Dua which is called Namaz e Taraweeh Ki Dua in Urdu.

Taraweeh is the special prayer in Ramazan (Ramadan). Muslims recites the whole Quran in Taraweeh prayer, prayer of Taraweeh has total 20 rakats of 2 each. After 2 rakats of Taraweeh, Muslims pray Taraweeh Dua which is called Namaz e Taraweeh.

Tarawih salaah is SUNNAT MUAKKADAH for both men in the month of Ramazan (Ramadan). The time for Taraweeh is from salat Isha prayer to a little before Fajar prayer.

After reading your Farz and Sunnat rakats in Isha prayer taraweeh is started. If one does not get the Jamaat for Farz of Isha, he should perform his Fardh alone and then join the Jamaat for Tarawih. Taraweeh is 20 rakats total but it should be offered in Rakats of two each. After every 4 Rakats, it is recommended to sit for a while and while sitting, one may keep quiet or recite the Kalemah, or the Salutations or recite the following “Tasbeeh”:

Dua for Taraweeh - Ramazan Tasbih e Taraveeh - Taraweeh in Urdu English

Dua for Taraweeh in English
Subhanal Malikil Quddus;
Subhana dhil Mulki wal Malakuti;
Subhana dhil izzati wal aDhmati wal haybati wal Qudrati;
wal kibriyaa’i wal jabaroot;
Subhanal Malikil hayyil ladhi, la yunaamu wa layamutu;
Subbuhun, Quddusun, Rabbuna Rabbul malaa’ikati war-rooh;
Allahumma Ajirnee Minan Naar;
Ya Mujeero, Ya Mujeero, Ya Mujeer.

Dua for Taraweeh - Namaz Taraweeh ki Dua - Taraweeh prayer Dua - Tasbih Taraweeh - Namaz e Taraweeh Ki Dua - Taraweeh Dua in Urdu, Taraweeh Dua in English, Taraweeh Dua in hindi, Taraweeh Dua in in arabic
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