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Kids Quran Online Classes | Learn Quran Online with tajweed

Kids Quran Online Classes | Kids Hifz Quran Classes

Kidsquranreading.com provides an easy way to learn Quran online while sitting at home. This program has been started for those who want to learn Quran with Tajweed at the comfort of their home especially for those who live in non-Muslim states. We mainly focus on kids Quran recitation but many of adults and new-Muslims are enrolled in our online read Quran courses. All you need to is a PC, Headset, microphone and internet connection. Our students are from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and all over the world. We offer FREE Trial lessons to let you evaluate our online service. We have both male & female Quran tutors for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to literate the world with the knowledge of Holy Quran online, and for those Muslims who are far away from home lands and from Islamic centers. We help students learn to read Quran online at the comfort of home. We have both Male and Female teachers. We provide feedback to parents on kids progress.

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Register For Quran Online Classes

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Register Free for online Quran Education

You can try FREE classes to evaluate our Quran reading service and Quran tutor. After the FREE classes you can decide whether you want to continue or discontinue Quran learning with us. Our objective is to provide individuals to learn Quran teachings through established Islamic institutions. We try to keep the online Quran learning process as simple as possible, so our students don't have to bother about anything and concentrate on Learning Quran Online. These are the steps to start learning the Quran online with us:

               1. Complete the Free Trial Registration Form.
               2. We will contact you for class timing schedule and course.
               3. Install Skype , you are ready to start learning

Benefits Of Read Quran Online | Noorani Qaida Online

Quran is the last book revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). One needs lots of commitment, dedication, and attention to understanding of Holy Quran. The most important thing is that there are multiple dimensions to Quran education such as Quran Reading, Quran with Tajweed, Quran translation, Quran memorization, etc.

  • Anyone can learn Quran at any time from any place.
  • High quality online Quran teaching 24/7.
  • Student centered 1 to 1 teaching approach for all.
  • No need to go out for Quran learning when learn Quran at home.
  • Evaluation of student’s performance and parents interaction.

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Why Kids Quran Reading Classes

We are one of the largest online Quran teaching institutes having immense experience of Quran Tutoring online and having a lot of pleased students throughout the World. We primarily focus on Muslims who face a lot of difficulty in learning how to read the Quran especially for their kids. Mostly issues arise in searching a well-trained Quran tutor or sending their children to mosques or other institutes for the education of Holy Quran. The cost is usually high, but more importantly, finding a standard tutor around home vicinity and time adjustment with them is very inconvenient.

Our faculty includes qualified Scholars, Aalims, Qaris & Hafiz-e-Quran who are religiously conversant and keen to deliver true Islamic teachings. As a result your children will be provided with excellent ethics and basic Islamic education. The tutors have enormous experience of teaching Quran and they would facilitate you or your children to learn Quran according to Tajweed rules.

  • Quran Reading with Tajweed

  • Female Quran tutors available

  • Choose time of your choice

  • 1-1 online classes / sessions

  • Qualified Quran tutors

  • Classes in English, Arabic and Urdu

Online Quran Classes For Beginners

Learn Quran online for beginners or reverts is simple and advantageous at the solace of the home. Read Quran online on your simple and occupied calendar with. Regardless of what is your age, in the event that you didn't get an opportunity to become familiar with the Holy Quran to peruse in your life ever, you can join our courses and begin your online Quran classes now. You will have amazing qualified teachers with whom you will learn the Quran in a couple of months. Men, ladies, sister, and young ladies who are late to begin because of their busy life or business, we are here to help you with best instructing techniques and talented and prepared educators with English and Urdu dialects to read Quran online.

Our customer support will help you with your Quran exercises and class recording in the event that you require for training. Quality confirmation division will evaluate your advancement consistently and will manage you on the deficiencies in your perusing and recitation and will suggest you further learning apparatuses. Regardless of how old are you where you live UK, USA, AU, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and regardless of what time you are free from offices or business meetings we are here 24/7 to help you with our online Quran classes.

Hifz Quran Online Classes
One of the propelled courses is a Hifz Quran Course. In this course, the student remembers the whole Quran. Allah guarantees a great deal of remuneration for a Muslim who learns it by heart. The Muslim subsequent to remembering gets the title of Hafiz. It is a desire of numerous Muslims to retain the Holy Book. It is our Holy book and it is a wellspring of direction for us as well. A large number of us, in this way, learn it to get the advantage in this world as well as on the planet in the future.
The hafiz (the individual who has remembered the Quran) ought not to have any aim of increasing common advantages by retaining the Quran, on the grounds that his remembrance thereof isn't an item to be exchanged within this world, rather it is a demonstration of love which is accomplished for his Lord.

• He takes precedence over others in leading the prayer.
• Placed in front of others in common grave, closer to qiblah, if essential to bury him with others.
• The status of one who  will be commensurate with the last ayat he memorized.
• He will be with the angels, accompanying them.
• He will be given a crown of honor and a garment of honor to wear.
• The Quran will intercede for him with his Lord.

Learn Quran Online With Tajweed  |  Noorani Qaida For Kids
Allah, the Almighty says in the Quran:

                                    ‘’Read the Holy Quran Slowly By Making The Letters Clear.’’

Tajweed means, go pronounce every letter correctly and efficiently. Without Tajweed, the odds to commit errors are more. Tajweed helps in keeping away from missteps. There are a few mix-ups that change the importance of the words, yet a few mix-ups don't change the implications of the words yet such oversights ought to likewise be stayed away from. Examining Tajweed guidelines can help in evading botches. It is necessary that we maintain a strategic distance from slip-ups while perusing. Also, it's just conceivable on the off chance that we have information of Tajweed. Learn Quran with Tajweed online with us for best experience.

In our online Quran classes, you will learn:

• Quran with correct pronunciation.
• Rules of Tajweed.
• Improve the speed in Quran perusing alongside Tarteel and Tajweed.

What Do We Offer?
Learn Quran with Tajweed course that we offer will expand your familiarity with perusing. It doesn't imply that you will begin perusing quick yet it likewise implies that you will peruse precisely. This course will make the recitation simple for each understudy. This is a gigantic advantage that our course offers. This course will grow more trust in understudies and they will most likely recount the sections like master reciters. In this way, on the off chance that you need to create certainty and become a decent reciter, you have to learn Qirat Quran with Tajweed with us.

Encouraging youngsters to figure out how to build up their recitation abilities is the most energizing, and the pleasant piece for guardians' entire life. Figuring out how to peruse the Arabic of the Quran is anything but a 'characteristic' process that happens all individually. It's a precarious procedure that requires the best possible instructing of certain guidelines, aptitudes, and systems. So we show this to Muslims everywhere throughout the world. At the outset, it is very testing to become familiar with the guidelines, however, we can enable you to defeat your troubles.

We show kids in all respects cautiously and comprehend that we should make the learning procedure charming for kids to persuade them. To start with, understudies, as a rule, feel energy and enthusiasm to learn on the off chance that they discover the exercises troublesome, they feel overpowered and surrender rapidly. They may feel disappointment so we see every one of these things and endeavor to make exercises fascinating children. Try not to pass up on the chance that we are putting forth you to learn Quran with Tajweed.
What do you need?
To learn To read Quran online, All you need is a:

• Reliable Internet Connection.
• Electronic Device (PC, Laptop, Tablet).
• Headphones / Microphones.
• Skype Account.
• Register to learn from best Quran professionals.


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