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Quran Memorization Online

Memorizing the Quran simply means learning it by heart. During the time of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), writing was an uncommon style of storing important matters and information; Thus memorization and oral transmission were the most effective methods of preserving information. Regarding the importance of Quran memorization: The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) has informed: “Whoever recites one letter from the Book of Allah will be rewarded a good deed and ten more like it, and I do not say that Alif Laam Meem is one letter but Alif is one letter, Laam is one letter and Meem is one letter” (Tirmidhi & Al-Darimi). This course is designed for those who intend to memorize the Holy Quran online.

We offer three types of Quran memorization course:

* Memorize the complete Quran.
* Memorize last 20 Suras of the Holy Quran.
* Memorization of selected Suras of the Holy Quran (Sura Faatihah, Baqara, An'aam, Yusuuf, Kahf, Haa Meem Sajdah, Luqmaan, Muhammad, Fat-h, Yaseen, Waqiah, Muzzammil, Taghabun, Mulk, Al Rahman, Jumua, Qiyamah and Juz Amma).

Why Kids Quran Online Classes

If you have decided your course and ready to start Learn Quran Online from best online Quran Tutors, then please fill in the Registration Form to start today.

Quran memorization Service

Best Tutors:
Kidsquranreading has professional teachers who can communicate in Arabic and English fluently, making sure that communication and learning is effective.

Interactive Classes:
The Kids Quran Academy uses the latest software such as video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing and multi-channel audio to make Quran interactive learning experience.

Flexible timings:
The courses are scheduled according to the convenience of the students, so that learning the Quran can easily be adjusted according to their daily routine without any hassle.

Any time & day:
For your convenience, you can now learn Quran everywhere, at any time, on any device. Take your Quran class on PC, iPhone or any other Android device at your convenience.

Learn Quran Online:
Learn Quran with The Kids Quran Reading. We have now designed a series of Quranic Courses for kids and adults to such as Quran Memorization and Quran Recitation.

Learn Arabic:
Quran Courses will teach you how to communicate in Arabic and have a fluent speech. You can also learn Arabic numbers, conjugate Arabic verbs and Arabic grammar as well.

Learn Tajweed:
Learn Quran with Tajweed rules online with Qualified and expert tutors from Egypt to recite the Quran properly. We will provide Ijazah at the end of the Tajweed Course.

Quran for kids:
Teaching at a young age is like carving on stone. This means that when you learn something at a young age, you will probably remember it for life. especially Quran for kids course.

memorize Quran Online

Kids Online Quran offers best suitable package for each student. (FREE certificates digital environment, low fees, expert Tutors). Each package is based on the chosen study plan. Expert Male and Female tutors who are fluent in both Arabic and English. Graduated from prestigious Islamic universities. Schedule your Arabic and Quran classes when it works for you!.

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